The Lapidary Club of NSW has a proud history. It was first established in 1952 and has been teaching, collecting specimens and promoting the understanding and enjoyment of stones ever since.

Who we are

  • Club members come from all different backgrounds.

  • No prior experience is necessary - just a love of rocks!

  • Newcomers welcome.

  • Is there an application process?

Membership Benefits

  • Access Club workrooms ($7 per session)

  • Get a 10% discount on purchases from the Club Shop

  • Join Club fossicking trips


What machines do you have?

We have wheel grinders, trim saws, a slabbing saw, polishers, a lap table and various other machines for working with glass, stone and metal.

Can you cut/polish/shape my stone?

No, but we can teach you how to do it! Become a member and have the satisfaction of creating your own work.

How does joining work?

By completing the form and paying the fees, a member can immediately gain all benefits of membership, however formal approval must be confirmed by the committee before a membership badge will be issued.