Benefits of Membership:

Use of all equipment

Insurance Cover whilst at the Club

Advice on rocks, minerals and processes for making a beautiful polished stone

Access to our extensive library

Payment is required before use of equipment.

 Materials / Members Discount

Rough, specimens  - Members discount - 30%  

The discount does not apply to jewellery, finished cabs, members goods, workroom supplies (grits, tools, silver, faceting rough, etc), precious stones (sapphires, opal, etc), hand made beads, or the 50c box.  

Members Goods

Members can sell their work through the Club at an agreed price. 20% of the sale price goes to the Club.

Please go to Webcollect to join or renew your membership

Membership Fees

Joining Fee - $10 

Annual membership fee - $60

Concession membership fee - $30

Workroom Fees

$7 per session