Benefits of Membership

-Use of all equipment

-Insurance Cover whilst at the Club

-Advice on rocks, minerals and processes for making a beautiful polished stone

-Access to our extensive library

Members Discount

Rough, specimens  - 30%  

The discount does not apply to jewellery, finished cabs, members goods, workroom supplies (grits, tools, silver, faceting rough, etc), precious stones (sapphires, opal, etc), hand made beads, or the 50c box.  

Members Goods

Members can sell their work through the Club at an agreed price. 20% of the sale price goes to the Club.

Please go to Webcollect to join or renew your membership

Membership Fees

-Joining Fee (One-Off) - $10 

-12 month membership fee - $60

-Concession membership fee - $30

Workroom Fees

$7 per session

Payment is required before use of equipment.

Opening Times

The club is open on Thursdays from 12pm to 8.30pm, Saturdays from 10am to 4pm and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. 

Saturdays are for new members and beginners.

Thursdays and Sundays are for experienced members and self guided work and learning support will not always be available. 

The Shop, Mineral Hill and the Boulder Cutting Room are open by prior appointment with only.

Please sign in and pay the $7 workshop fee when you enter the club to use any of the facilities (this includes and is not limited to using equipment, fossicking, picking up equipment or accessing knowledge from the library or other club members’ brains). This fee is what keeps our club going.

Non-members (this includes friends & family of existing members) are welcome to attend on a Saturday morning (between 10am and 12pm) to have a tour of the rooms and facilities.

Club Guidelines

The club runs on volunteers and we depend on our members to look after the upkeep of the club facilities. If you have any special skills that could come in handy to help with this, please let the committee know

Please clean up after yourselves at the end of your work session. We encourage members to drop in to our regular working bee session (details in the newsletter).

A mask requirement in the cutting and polishing room applies to everyone and predates more recent mask mandates, as it is to protect our members from silicosis.

The material from Mineral Hill is for club members to practice with, it has been donated by other club members for this purpose. Any material can be purchased for $5 a piece but should not be tampered with before purchasing

If you require storage of your material on the club’s premises, please get in touch with us at