Lapidary Club of NSW

Established 1953

Bringing together people interested in sharing knowledge about lapidary arts, gemstones, fossils & jewellery making.

The Lapidary Club of NSW has a long history. It was established as the first Lapidary Club in Australia by Jack Taylor in 1953 and has been teaching and promoting the understanding and enjoyment of stones ever since. 

Our constitution from 1953 states that the club was set up to

-promote the study of the lapidary arts and crafts;

-provide the means for the exchange and increase of knowledge of lapidary, the mounting of gems, and the collection and dissemination of information, maps and equipment;

-promote a spirit of comradeship and mutual aid amongst lapidaries;

-conduct, organise, supervise and participate in all activities connected with lapidary, fossils and earth sciences and in particular to organise trips to gem fields, mineral and fossil deposits.


What machines do you have?

We have wheel grinders, trim saws, a slabbing saw, polishers, a lap table and various other machines for working with glass, stone and metal. 

Can you cut/polish/shape my stone?

We can teach you how to do it! Become a member and have the satisfaction of creating your own work.

How do I join the club?

By going to LCNSW at Webcollect and selecting the appropriate membership option. 

Alternatively you can come to the clubhouse during opening hours and complete the form and pay the joining fees.

As a member you can immediately gain all benefits of membership, however formal  approval must be confirmed by the LCNSW committee.